Basic recommendations to those who want to lose weight

Many of us dream of losing weight and putting our figure in order. But often this desire causes serious harm to health. So how can we be full and slim, while staying healthy?

Learning to lose weight correctly.
One of the first and very important recommendations is to drink more purified non-carbonated water, because alcoholic drinks, soda (especially sweet) and juices in tetra packets are wrong drinks, they do not quench thirst, but, on the contrary, provoke it, as if "sucking" water from our body. Ideally, you need to drink 30-40 ml of water for every kilogram of body weight to maintain health every day. One little trick for those looking to lose weight properly is to drink a glass of water before meals, this will help you feel full faster, and you will not eat too much. Healthy drinks also include green or herbal tea, whichever you prefer.
The next recommendation: if you want to lose weight properly, eat protein foods. Proteins are the building blocks of our muscles, and the more muscles we have, the less body fat, respectively. Protein champions - chicken breast, fish, eggs (especially protein), low-fat dairy and nuts. If you prefer a protein-rich meal in the form of meat, this is also very good. In this case, eat meat with vegetables. By the way, make it a rule to eat vegetables and fruits every day, because plant foods contain a lot of fiber, a "scrub" that cleanses our body of toxins, which also contributes to weight loss.
Our third advice for those who want to lose weight correctly is to use olives and olive oil for food, this will help you not to gain extra pounds, because olives perfectly cleanse the intestines, and olive oil is easily digestible and helps the absorption of salts and fats.
Some nutritionists believe that the rule "do not eat after six" brings to those who want to lose weight correctly, not benefit, but harm. A long break between meals is stressful to the body, as a result of which everything that you do not eat in the morning will turn into fat, which you so want to get rid of.
Very good advice for those who strive to be slim, well-fed and healthy - reduce your usual portions by half, this will give you the opportunity to eat what you love and not get better.
Pamper yourself, for example, with an exotic fruit that you have long wanted to try or a movie that you have long dreamed of watching. And if you still really want to eat something that, in your opinion, will harm your figure, try to persuade yourself to eat it the next morning. And the morning, as they say, is wiser than evenings.

Diets that will definitely not bring you any benefit.
I would like to advise those who have decided to lose weight correctly to avoid certain types of diets. First of all, these are diets in which a sharp decrease in weight is expected. It is possible to lose a few kilograms in a couple of weeks, but these kilograms will definitely come back to you, and perhaps they will take a couple of extra ones with you.
Also, do not get carried away with diets that differ sharply from your usual diet, containing few calories and diets, which exclude an entire group of products (or based on certain products). Such diets can be simply harmful to your health.
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