Production and application of ceramzite concrete blocks

In the area of ​​low-rise building lately acquired great popularity of the use of a variety of masonry blocks. These types of materials tend to have larger dimensions than the brick. However, they have a smaller mass and more convenient in the masonry. We propose to consider one of the most popular masonry units - expanded clay blocks.
lightweight aggregate concrete blocks production of a light concrete, expanded clay fillable. Due to the low density of expanded clay, the unit consists of a plurality of air chambers, which substantially increases its thermal insulation characteristics.
Production of expanded clay concrete blocks is performed using special equipment by vibropressovki technology. As part of this process is performed synchronous compaction of the concrete mix by vibration under high pressure.
Production of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks involves the use of just four components:
Sand; Water;
Expanded clay.
The ingredients can be mixed in an ordinary concrete mixer. Molding is performed by manual presses, equipped with a vibrator, or using specialized industrial equipment.
It is worth noting that today is made of concrete mass designs. In particular, very popular concrete flowerpots. They are durable, practical, relatively low cost.
Gravels granule used in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks is frozen foam enclosed in a sintered shell. This gives it a high strength and minimum weight. It is the unique quality of expanded clay determine properties of the resulting masonry blocks. Another clear advantage of expanded clay is its environmental friendliness.
LECA blocks density varies within 400 - 1800 kg / m3. Block sizes may thus be different, which depends solely on the form in which they are produced. In this connection, the blocks are successfully used for internal partitions, as well as for the construction of load-bearing walls of the building.
The main application of expanded clay - low-rise construction. The fact that these construction materials have some limitations in terms of withstand loads. However, it is permitted to use these units at sites where carrying burden falls on the individual design of reinforced concrete. Лучшие Онлайн курсы на выбирайте лучшие курсы 2022 года

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