Tips for passing the game Dead Island Riptide. Passage of the plot # 023

Find key

Wrap and return to the main battle area, and then select the left pass. He will deliver you to a new door that can be opened now (it was closed before the output inspection).

Get a key

Open the door and attack the gangsters inside. There is also a chef of smugglers, but it is not much stronger than ordinary enemies.

After eliminating all the gangsters, a hotel is a good room. In addition to the key you will find new weapons, chests with random rare items and modifications.

Exit from tunnels

Once again go to the main room. Go to the previously studied output and use the key. The discovery completes this quest and transfers you to the seventh chapter, which begins with the new location: PANAI FERRY.

Attention - remember that there is a reward for this basic mission. During the study of the ferry station, find Trevor Rogers and get a shotgun.

The main quest is unlocked: the intersection (the quest will automatically unlock after the completion of the described mission).

Chapter 7 - Crossing

Go to Harloou

About mission:

Difficulty - 3/5
Customer: Sam Hardy (Pinai Ferry Station)
Reward: Chinese Military Sword

Direct east. When you get to the edge, use Liana to get to the bottom, where there is a group of survivors. Listen to what they can say about mutating Wane, which you have to be eliminated now.

Kill Wane and Clean the Area

It is necessary to spend some time on modernization / repair of weapons, restoration of health and purchase of supplies. When it is done, use the nearest staircase and jump into the fenced area where Wayne is.

Meeting with a mutant looks like a fight with the boss, because he has a long band of health, and he is tougher than ordinary zombies. At the beginning, get acquainted with the combat zone. Remember also where you can find boxes with fruits and snacks that will allow you to quickly recover.

Also note that conventional zombies will join the battle. You must kill them in the first place. Attack the walkers until they stop coming. Only after this attack the main mutant.

It is better to weaken Wane with adjacent valves. Start by pressing the "Action" key to unscrew the valve to skip steam. Then lubricate the mutant to hurt him. Steam goes out for just a few seconds, so you need to run around the battlefield, unscrew more valves and do not approach Wane.

You can also defeat it with hammer and various explosives. Of course, it depends on what you have in inventory.

Continue to attack Wayne until his health falls to zero. Natively his body, you must find a rare weapon. Slotegrator is a tech company focused on the development of online casino software Slotegrator best online casino and sportsbook software provider
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