Soma game passing tips - Mission: Looking for a ship # 1

Little moment of security ...
Entering the room, go to the left. Open the door by pulling them on the right side using the interaction button, enter the room and climb the stairs. Go through the narrow tunnels along the pipes until you reach the intersection - turn right, as the left is blocked. You must soon arrive at the open space.

Turn to the right and continue the upward movement, and the screen will start to behave strangely. You cannot see a threat, so just keep climbing up, looking at the floor or just hiding behind obstacles on the left side. After some time, the opponent "attacks", and then quickly disappear. All you can do now is just go straight forward.

The ship's entrance is quite visible.
You must soon arrive in the desired part of the ship. There is nothing to do, so just go straight and swim around the wreckage. Being on the other side, you should see the entrance, a small spacer in the ship's housing. Log in to it and climb the stairs. Ignore the doors to the right, as it is a dead end, and just climb the stairs.

Inside shipwreck CURIE

Let's have some fun...
Reaching the top floor, open the door, pulling them using the interaction button, and continue to go on the stairs leading up until you reach the hatch. Open it by pressing again and pulling it using the interaction button, and enter the room where the game will be saved.

The enemy tends to appear from nowhere, at the most inopportune moment.
There is nothing to collect, so just go further on the ship. Open the door, go through it, and then through another, where the corresponding part of the chapter begins. If you go further along the corridor, you get to the place with two pairs of doors - one leads to the left, and the other right. There is an old enemy, the one who does not like when you look at it, hidden in the room on the right. However, this time this enemy will not disappear after some time and will accompany you throughout the event. Pretty.

If you hit you, go out so that the character can recover from the blow and return his eyesight.
The best solution is to just hide behind the wall, when the enemy approaches you, and wait until it just goes you can safely move forward. Three principles follow here: nothing to run, because the enemy will charge you as soon as you do it, do not look and point your flashlight on the "face" of the enemy and not stand in the immediate vicinity of the enemy, do you have visible or not . If the enemy fails to catch you and hit you, take out the character to recover from the assault and restore vision. Wood burning hot tubs and outdoor saunas
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