Life IS Strange Tips: Before Storm - Mission: Room 781

Rachel is waiting in the room 781.

After visiting Drew or T-shirts, go back to the corridor and move forward. You will contact Mother Rachel, with which you can start a conversation. Then go to the room 781, where Rachel is located. After James comes out of the room, the girls will start talking.

During the Chloe dialogue, he learns that Rachel still wants to contact his biological mother. She will tell that her room can be in the office of her father, the code of which is 0722. After the conversation, the main character will be released in the corridor, where he will meet with Eliot.

Next to the statuette you will find the key.

After the last conversation, Chloe will leave the hospital and go to the Cabinet James to find information about the sir. You can draw graffiti number 9 in the left table of the table. Start by viewing the dad award (drawing), where you will find the key (investigation).

Go to the table and open the locker on the right (locked box). Inside there is a box with a telephone in which you can read the conversation of Pope Rachel and Damon. After that, send a text message.

Next to the statuette you will find the key.

After establishing the contact, Chloe will have to find evidence, and then destroy them. Go to the bookcase with drawers to the left of the card and open it. Inside the box with proofs. Look at the glove on the right and take a picture of it, then go to the garbage bucket and burn it.

Then go to the map and inspect it in search of the accused. After preview, blame the thunder - the photo on the right side of the card. At the end you will have to find money for the dealer. Go to the bookshelf and look at dust (sawdust), then move the books. So you will achieve a hole in which you will find the money you need to take a picture.

Traveling by train, you can share your headphones with Rachel or listen to music on your own. The last choice also takes place on the train. Refers to jumped out of the car while driving. If you decide to make this step, you will get a little recognition from Rachel.

You can find money for a book on the shelf.

In the further part of the text messaging, you will receive a photo of cheese. When you try to leave the house, you will come across Eliot, with whom you can go to the room (call for help). If you do this, select the following answers:

Here, in an amber house? (In the house of Amber?)
I feel a threat (I feel threatened)
Help me, please (help me, please)
I would like to leave (I would like to leave)

After dialogue, the boy hugs chloe, and after a while the police will appear at home. By this time, the girl will have time to leave the residence. 1xbet Güncel Giriş Adresi
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