What a baristas CV should include

What a barista is

There is a profession - making coffee. The person who does it professionally is called an interesting word: barista. The history of the profession has its roots in Italy, the birthplace of espresso. In translation from Italian, a barista is a person who works behind the bar and can prepare espresso and espresso-based drinks quickly and correctly. In other words, it's a bartender who works with coffee, not alcohol.

What are the requirements for hiring a barista?

What an experienced barista must know - Resume Example for Barista :

  • be able to tell the difference between different types of coffee beans;
  • know where and under what conditions coffee grows;
    know the methods used to harvest and process coffee beans;
  • understand and know how to roast coffee;
  • Know the aroma and flavour of different types of coffee;
  • Know how to store pre-ground and pre-ground coffee.
  • Remember that in a humid environment the taste of coffee beans changes drastically;
  • know how to grind the beans properly;
  • Know how to operate coffee-making equipment, whether it is a standard coffee maker or a professional coffee machine
  • Know the technology and standards for preparation of different coffee drinks.

It is a good idea to include service skills in your resume! Employers will be helpful to know that you can not only make coffee, but also beautifully and correctly serve it to the customer, explain what is special about this drink, how it differs from others in the menu of the coffee shop.

Pay particular attention to coffee etiquette in your CV.

The candidate for this position needs to reveal themselves from different sides and show their best qualities - employers expect from the candidate goodwill, love of coffee and people, hospitality, diligence, friendliness, etc. You need to present yourself properly, talk about your work experience and responsibilities in previous organisations, mention your education and achievements and, of course, describe your knowledge and skills in the coffee beverage industry.

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