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Syria Hacks Harvard’s Website

Apparently confused about Harvard University’s exact role in U.S. foreign policy, a group of hackers claiming to be Syrian supporters of President Bashar al-Assad (yes, the same one who’s been horrifically killing anti-government protesters) hacked Harvard’s website.

U.S. Forces Leave Base in Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence is reporting that U.S. forces have now withdrawn from their southern base in Pakistan.

French Spider-Man Climbs Burj Khalifa

Alain Robert, a man known as the French Spider-Man, has climbed pretty much every tall building—and now he’s climbed the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

GM Shares Go Public

It looks like GM may pay back American taxpayers by publicly selling its shares.

The Tastiest Dress Ever (Gross)

When Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMAs, everyone wondered two things: 1) Why? and 2) What was going to happen to the meat? Sadly, it was not cooked and eaten at an afterparty. Instead, the designer of the dress says it will be turned into jerky to preserve it.

The Best iPad Cover Ever

Normally we wouldn’t say anything about something as mundane as an iPad cover … but this one transcends the mundanity.

The Old Spice Guy Rules

If you’ve seen any of the Old Spice commercials, you know that the Old Spice guy (former football player Isaiah Mustafa) is awesome.And now he’s even more awesome, as Old Spice kicked off a crazy viral campaign where they responded to Twitter comments.

Make Your Own Yogurt

If you eat yogurt on a regular basis, you know it can become pretty pricey, especially if you buy organic yogurt. Someone figured out how to save a ton of money by making his own yogurt—and it’s way easier than you’d think.

Stephen Hawking Takes On Religion

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking said that religion will fail and science will win because it works. We’re guessing someone is going to have a response to that.

New TMNT Mask?

This might be the new mask for the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles planned for 2011.

The Shat for Gov

Someone has started a Facebook group for William Shatner to become governor general of Canada.

Israel Bans iPad

If you’re going to Israel and you want to show off your shiny new iPad, you might want to think again. Israel has banned the sale and import of the new Apple product for not complying with the country’s network rules …

James Cameron Threatens All of Us

James Cameron says that a longer version of Avatar will be in back in theaters in August, and he’s planning a sequel to take place in the ocean. He’s already copied one Kevin Costner film (Dances with Wolves); might as well take on Waterworld too …

Yahoo! vs. the Government

Yahoo! is currently in a battle with the government over e-mail access. Apparently, some governmental…

Vatican Welcomes the Fab Four

The Vatican newspaper issued an article praising The Beatles for their musical accomplishments, despite their…

Spirit Airlines: America’s Nemesis

In a move that will likely be appreciated by no one, Spirit Airlines has started…

Would You Change Your Name for $100,000?

A Texas country-radio DJ has been offered $100,000 to change his name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com and…

The Future of Cancer Fighting

A group of researchers thinks it may have found an exciting new way to treat…

Traffic Lights + Minority Report = Less Fuel

This article looks at "smart traffic grids" and how they could save fuel by automatically…

MySpace? More Like AdSpace

MySpace has begun selling user data, including blog posts, photos and status updates. It’s within…

He Should Have Stolen Chips Too

A man in Northern California was sentenced to 8 years in prison … for stealing…

Gay Marriage Licenses Issued in Washington D.C.

Today, Washington D.C. begins handing out marriage licenses to gay couples. Because of a three-day…

Football vs. Journalism: It’s On

If you’re a college football team in, say, Texas, and your school newspaper writes about…

Ironic British Occultists Rejoice

Someone on Etsy (where else?) has made a Ouija board (those strange, probably-occultic boards that…

Happy Wednesday from Your Government

Officials say another terror attack is "certain." Wheee …  

Avatar Madness Has to Stop

By all accounts (including ours), Avatar was a truly immersive, must-see movie with incredible effects…

What About the MacWomen?

So everyone’s pretty much agreed Steve Jobs has injected a huge dose of creativity into…