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ChatGPT Pitches 10 More Christian Movies

ChatGPT Pitches 10 More Christian Movies

With shows like The Chosen and Testament: The Story of Movies to movies like Jesus Revolution and the upcoming Unsung Hero, it’s clear there’s a desire for more faith-based entertainment. And with the rise of AI like ChatGPT, it’s never been easier for filmmakers to come up with unique ideas.

Last summer, we asked the bot to come up with 10 new Christian movies, including a title, a brief plot and even some potential actors or actresses. While none of those pitches have been accepted by Hollywood — yet — we wanted to give AI another shot at coming up with some, um, interesting pitches.

10. Heavenly Heist

A down-on-their-luck church congregation, facing foreclosure, decides to rob a casino in a last-ditch effort to save their beloved place of worship. Hilarity ensues as they attempt to pull off the ultimate heist while staying true to their faith. Cast: Seth Rogan as the desperate pastor and Amy Poehler as the mastermind behind the plan.

9. Divine Doppelgänger

A stressed-out pastor discovers he has a doppelgänger who happens to be a famous rock star. When the rock star gets amnesia, the pastor must step into his shoes, leading to a series of hilarious mix-ups and mistaken identities. Cast: Will Ferrell in a dual role as the pastor and the rock star, and Andy Samberg as the pastor’s loyal but clueless assistant.

8. Saints and Sensibility

In this Jane Austen-inspired comedy, a sheltered young woman navigates the pitfalls of 19th-century courtship while trying to stay true to her Christian values. Cast: Saoirse Ronan as the spirited heroine and Tom Holland as the charming but mischievous gentleman who tests her faith.

7. Divine Detox

A group of church members embarks on a spiritual retreat to detox from their addiction to social media and technology. As they struggle with withdrawal symptoms and cabin fever, they rediscover the beauty of nature and the joy of real-life connections. Cast: Emma Watson as the tech-addicted protagonist and John Krasinski as the retreat leader with a knack for outdoor survival.

6. Heavenly Harmony: Battle of the Choirs

When two rival church choirs are accidentally double-booked for a prestigious singing competition, they must put aside their differences and join forces to win the grand prize. Cast: Anna Kendrick as the determined choir director and Jamie Foxx as the smooth-talking host of the competition.

5. The Miracle Matchmaker

An awkward but well-meaning church secretary discovers she has the ability to inadvertently play matchmaker, leading to a series of comical and heartwarming romantic entanglements within her congregation. Cast: Melissa McCarthy as the lovably clumsy matchmaker and Steve Carell as the befuddled pastor trying to keep up with the chaos.

4. Divine Disappearance

A diverse group of strangers find themselves left behind after the Rapture. As they navigate the chaos and confusion of a world without explanation, they must confront their beliefs, fears, and relationships while searching for answers amidst the signs of the end times. Cast: Jennifer Lawrence as the skeptical journalist, Kevin Sorbo as the conflicted pastor questioning his faith, and Viola Davis as the no-nonsense survivor leading the group through the tribulations.

3. Divine Desserts

When a struggling bakery owner receives a divine intervention, she discovers that her desserts have the power to change lives. As word spreads about her miraculous treats, the bakery becomes a gathering place for the community, where faith, friendship, and frosting collide. Cast: Jennifer Lawrence as the reluctant baker and Paul Rudd as the skeptical food critic turned believer.

2. Mission: Impropable

A group of amateur sleuths mistakenly believes they’ve been called to be missionaries in a foreign country. Hilarity ensues as they attempt to spread the gospel while bumbling their way through cultural misunderstandings and comedic misadventures. Cast: Nicolas Cage as the enthusiastic leader and Awkwafina as the street-smart local who teaches them the true meaning of mission work.

1. Heavenly High School Musical

In this musical comedy, a group of high school students puts on a Christian-themed musical to save their school’s drama program from being cut. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, faith, and the transformative power of song and dance. Cast: Zendaya as the talented but shy lead actress and Noah Centineo as the charming jock who discovers his love for theater.

So there you have it Hollywood! Take your pick.

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