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World Relief Speaks Out Over Rumored Plan to Slash Refugee Admissions to Effectively Zero

World Relief has issued a statement on a rumored plan to “effectively end” the U.S.’ refugee resettlement program. A new study finds millennials are both more and less generous than previous generations. And there’s a new highest-grossing…
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A New Study Finds Stricter Gun Laws Help Prevent the Deaths of Children

A new study finds stricter gun laws do help prevent the deaths of children. Instagram is experimenting with getting rid of likes. And was a government employee in Iowa fired for liking Tupac too much?
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Episode 726: Scot McKnight

On today’s show, we talk with Scot McKnight, theologian and author of the new book Reading Romans Backwards: A Gospel of Peace in the Midst of Empire. We hear from Scot about the book and why so it’s essential to see the modern social…