Episode 971: John Mark McMillan

May 26, 2022

After two years of life seeming at a standstill, it’s time to start looking forward to the future. Singer-songwriter John Mark McMillan shares how we can keep dreaming about what’s coming next while staying mindful in the present. Plus, the...

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Episode 970: TAYA

May 23, 2022

As the Australian worship artist steps out with her debut solo album, TAYA shares with us what it’s like to take a big leap of faith, especially when you don’t know where you’ll land. Plus, the cast discusses Biden’s plan...

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Episode 969: Hulvey

May 20, 2022

Christian hip-hop is impressive at the moment, and Hulvey is one artist who’s found a unique lane—combining hip-hop, pop and soul into something truly original. Don't miss our conversation with him. Plus, the cast talks about the greatest Goodwill purchase...

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Episode 968: Karen Swallow Prior

May 16, 2022

In light of the recent Roe V Wade news, we sit down with Karen Swallow Prior to talk about the Christian response and what's likely next for the pro-life movement. She's a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has...

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Episode 967: DeVon Franklin

May 12, 2022

DeVon Franklin is someone Hollywood needs right now. Our conversation with the TV and film producer shows how he's using unexpected methods to encourage believers to be a light in a dark place. Plus, the cast explores a questionable Oreo...

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