The RELEVANT Podcast

Episode 937: Ian Morgan Cron

January 25, 2022

For the next segment of our "New You" series, Ian Morgan Cron joins us to discuss how the enneagram can help shape our lives for the better. Plus, the cast discusses the first successful animal-to-human transplant surgery, the ongoing strike...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Episode 936: Brooke Ligertwood

January 21, 2022

Hillsong worship leader Brooke Ligertwood joins us on today’s new episode to tell us about her new music and what she thinks about the future of the Church. Plus, we have some “spit takes” about a certain sermon illustration, and...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Episode 935: Art Rainer

January 18, 2022

Financial expert Art Rainer joins us for the next installment of our “New You” series to explain why God cares about our money problems and how you can take better care of your finances. Plus, this week’s Slices cover the...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Episode 934: Saint Motel

January 14, 2022

Saint Motel frontman AJ Jackson joins us on today’s episode to discuss what it was like to create a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist. Plus, we discuss what it’s been like navigating life in the pandemic, and we’ve...

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The RELEVANT Podcast

Episode 933: Brittney Moses

January 11, 2022

Mental health expert Brittney Moses joins us for the second week of our “New You'' series to tell us about the benefits of therapy and what to look for in a counselor. Plus, we cover Keanu Reeves being an amazing...

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