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Do You Really Need a Master’s Degree?

You wake up in your swanky downtown apartment, get dressed in your favorite business-casual attire…

Here’s Why Your Job Can’t Truly Satisfy You

As a teenager, I worked at a summer camp teaching groups of 6- and 7-year-olds…

Dream Job or Dream Community?

I went through with it. I sold my car, gave away half of my clothes…

The NSA, Privacy and Christians

I learned the importance of privacy in second grade. My friend Jeff had developed a…

Have Our Phones Changed the Way We Pray?

Like most other mornings, I wake up early to the sound of a digital wind…

The Most Offensive Word in America

In the land of the free, there’s one line we don’t like to have crossed—and it’s affecting our faith.

The Problem with Political Profiling

Election Day brings out the natural affinity in each of us to draw party lines and huddle together with our own team. But does this require real courage or result in lasting social change?

Hurricane Sandy, Election Ramp-Up and Human Compassion

As the footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has come into view, the nation—with its citizens and leaders alike—have quickly realized this is not a moment to make a political point, but a human crisis.