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Nevada Approves Rules for Driverless Cars

Nevada has become the first state to establish regulations for autonomous cars. Driven by Google’s aggressive research into the technology, Nevada passed a law that requires driverless cars to have an "operator" in case of an emergency and kept drunk driving rules in place. Once again, Minority Report turns out to be nonfiction …

From MSNBC.com:

Google formally launched its research and development program in 2010 and has so far recorded not asingle collision.

While such vehicles will effectively handle theserious driving chores they will also require someone to be in theposition of “operator,” ready to take over just in case of a technicalglitch.  That’s likely one reason why Nevada maintained one keyrestriction in the new rules.

“There is no exemption for drinkingand driving,” cautioned Breslow, meaning the bartender or bouncer won’tbe able to toss you in the back seat, hit the Start button and send youspeeding home.

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On the other hand, regulators did give the operator permission to text and use a handheld cellphone.

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