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American Christians May Care More About Israel Than Israeli Christians Do

It turns out that American Christians may care more about Israel than Israeli Christians do. In 2013, 82 percent of white evangelicals believed God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, according to Pew Research Center. But only 19 percent of Christians actually born, raised and living in Israel believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. More than half (66 percent) believe this is not true in a literal sense, while another 9 percent don’t know what to think. The study also found that only 12 percent of Christians think the Israeli government is making a sincere effort to bring about peace with Palestine, while 80 percent said there was no sincere attempt. They were more generous to Palestine—half of Israeli Christians think the “Palestinian leadership” is making a genuine effort for peace and 37 percent said it was not. What is even more surprising is that the vast majority of Israeli Christians—86 percent—believe the U.S. is too supportive of Israel. Just 6 percent said the American government wasn’t supportive enough, while 7 percent said the level of U.S. support was just right. In contrast, the Pew study found that only 18 percent of American Christians said the U.S. is too supportive of Israel. Far more thought the U.S. was not supportive enough (29 percent) or the level of support was about right (41 percent).

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