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And Now It’s Thom Yorke’s Turn to Release a Surprise Album

Releasing surprise albums is the cool thing to do these days, but Radiohead’s been at it for ages. Their frontman Thom Yorke, the mad scientist of modern music, put all these feisty upstarts back in their place today with his new album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which he released on BitTorrent for six dollars. At this point, the most surprising thing Thom Yorke could do would be release his album through Barnes & Noble like a normal person, so this isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but it is out of the blue. And it’s not wise to quibble when one of the generation’s great talents decides to throw a bone your way. True to form, the album is very, very good. Possibly the best non-Radiohead thing he’s ever done. So, what are you waiting for? …

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