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Big, Big News: Kevin Max to Be New Lead Singer for Reunited Audio Adrenaline

Fans of ’90s Christian alt-rock, sit yourselves down. Get a big glass of water. Maybe don’t read the rest of this until you have a friend or loved one close by to assist you in the event that this news makes your head explode off of your body. Audio Adrenaline is said to be reuniting with a new frontman in Kevin Max—the member of dc Talk who doesn’t rap and isn’t currently in the Newsboys. Now, now. Deep breaths. Get a grip, Audio Adrenaline fans. And dc Talk fans, don’t you start, too. It’s just a rumor at this point, so try to slow your heart rate ’til the room stops spinning. Maybe find a couch to lay down on. A big, big couch. With lots and lots of pillows …

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