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‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Writer Eddie Huang Is Making a Food Show About Immigrants in America

Restauranteur and Fresh Off the Boat author Eddie Huang (he wrote the book the series is based upon) is beginning a new original series he’s calling an “immigrant-focused food show.” It’s titled Cash Only, and will highlight immigrant food culture by entering immigrant kitchens around the world.

“While not all Americans understand and welcome immigration, a lot of the anger toward immigrants could be resolved if it wasn’t presented as a zero-sum game where dominant culture loses every time an immigrant is granted entry,” Huang told Deadline“I hope we can provide much needed perspective on this issue by examining the world through the eyes of the marginalized.”

Amid today’s conversation about immigration, and given the recent death of global ambassador Anthony Bourdain, there’s a need for stories that highlight experiences on the peripherals of dominant culture. Through Fresh Off the Boat, Huang has already proved that people are interested in honest immigrant stories. We’re pumped he has another outlet.

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Cash Only will be produced by Propagate, who also produces shows and original movies for Apple and Netflix.

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