Give Peacemaking a Chance

The debate and division between pacifist and just-war Christians in the church continue to the present. The pacifist minority includes Mennonites, Quakers, and small numbers of Catholics and other Protestants. The Pentecostal movement argued for pacifism on biblical grounds in its earlier years. In fact, the Assemblies of God denomination was officially pacifist until 1967. As in the previous sixteen centuries, however, the majority of Christians remain within the just-war tradition.

Recently, however, a number of prominent Christian theologians and ethicists from both traditions have developed what is often called a third approach: just peacemaking. This approach starts by combining key arguments from both pacifists and just-war Christians with some basic historical facts. Pacifists have claimed they have an alternative to war. If so, they ought to demonstrate that claim in active peacemaking rather than withdraw to some peaceful countryside.

Just-war Christians have insisted they dare never go to war unless fighting is a last resort. That means that all reasonable nonlethal alternatives must first be tried. Over the centuries, however, we have discovered many highly successful ways to resolve conflicts nonviolently. Settling disagreements between gentlemen with a duel (swords or pistols) used to be common. Many died. Today we settle the same disputes nonviolently through the courts. Improving international diplomacy and multilateral negotiations and structures has also reduced armed conflict.

Some of the most striking examples of nonviolent conflict resolution have come in the growing adoption of the techniques of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi’s nonviolent campaign to end colonial rule successfully defeated the British Empire. (It took a little longer than the Algerians’ violent revolution against French colonialism, but a million Algerians were killed [1 in 10], whereas only 8,000 [about 1 in 400,000!] Indians died.) Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil rights movement changed American history. Hundreds of thousands of nonviolent Filipino marchers overthrew President Marcos’s decades-long dictatorship in 1986. Solidarity’s nonviolent tactics resisted the Soviet Empire and eventually helped win Poland’s freedom. In the 1980s, hundreds of nonviolent, short-term teams organized by Witness for Peace helped to defeat Ronald Reagan’s attempt to overthrow the Nicaraguan government by funding an armed rebellion by the “contras.”

In the last two decades, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT; originally founded by Mennonites, Quakers, and people from the Church of the Brethren) has grown into a small but effective organization using the tactics of nonviolent direct action to intervene in areas of conflict on several continents. Especially important, perhaps, has been its presence in Hebron in the West Bank. In Hebron, a small Jewish settlement protected by Israeli soldiers exists in the midst of an overwhelmingly Palestinian city. Hatred and mistrust are everywhere. Violence and killing are frequent. For more than ten years small groups from Christian Peacemaker Teams have lived in Hebron seeking to understand and befriend both Israelis and Palestinians. CPT personnel intervene in hostile confrontations to prevent violence, seek to stop the illegal demolition of houses, and accompany young children traveling to school through dangerous neighborhoods. Recently, Jonathan Kuttab, a prominent Palestinian Christian committed to nonviolence, has called for one thousand Christian Peacemaker Teams to locate all around the West Bank. Kuttab believes those teams could dramatically reduce conflict in the West Bank.

This brief sketch of strikingly successful, twentieth-century nonviolent campaigns to oppose injustice and reduce killing demonstrates an important fact: nonviolence frequently works! Even without much preparation and training, even without a large investment of money and personnel, nonviolent direct action has frequently been highly effective. One wonders what might be accomplished if all parts of the Christian church (in cooperation with all others who are interested) would get serious about investing resources, time, money, and people to explore what more could be done nonviolently to end injustice and prevent war.

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One wonders what might have happened if very prominent Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim leaders had led a few thousand of their peaceful, praying followers into Bosnia or Kosovo before the ethnic cleansing began. Their message to all would have been: “We come in the name of God. We will stay to pray and stand between warring parties until the killing ends.” Might that have been more successful than soldiers and bombs? We could do the same in other unjust, violent situations waiting to explode. Cardinals, archbishops, patriarchs, and others could lead hundreds of followers into the West Bank. Archbishop Tutu could lead hundreds to Zimbabwe demanding an end to injustice and calling for democracy. The list of potential areas for intervention is long.

Top Christian leaders from both the just-war and pacifist traditions must decide that now is the time to vastly expand groups like Christian Peacemaker Teams. We need thousands of praying, peaceful team members to travel and deploy in dozens of dangerous situations. Pacifists need not abandon their belief that killing is always wrong. Just-war proponents can continue to insist that killing is sometimes necessary. But both traditions demand that they vigorously do as much as possible in nonviolent ways. After decades when nonviolence has often enjoyed stunning success even without much preparation, we must now invest tens of millions of dollars in the first serious effort in human history to explore how much can be done to reduce injustice and war through the techniques of nonviolent direct action.

This article is excerpted from Just Politics: A Guide for Christian Engagement, Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group, ©2012.

Used by permission. All rights to this material are reserved. Material is not to be reproduced, scanned, copied, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without written permission from Baker Publishing Group.

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    As you roam around the perimeter of streets of Philippines, The seductive scent of barbecue on skewers, Hotdogs accompanied by favorite fish balls, Isaw and more street foods often makes your tummy growl. Walking specially on the streets of the nation’s capital, Manila, One would see some vendors, With their delightfully enticing, Cheap route foods.

    Some may not look appealing but people discover these street eats tempting. The mouth watering halo halo and the echo of the taho vendor’s call means delicious street food fit in your budget that is hard not to indulge one’s self into.

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    Made of soft tofu with sago pearls added and sweetened with vanilla and brown sugar syrup, Taho is sold via day, Starting early every day when it is still warm. Taho seller shouts “Taho, As he makes his route through the streets of Manila or in the provinces in a leisurely pace letting the neighborhood know that he is around the area for anyone ready to start their morning with the delicious taho.

    The taho vendor brings two buckets at both ends of a yoke, One bucket for the silken or soft tofu and the other bucket is for the sago pearls and syrup called arnibal.

    for women enjoys this treat, Waiting at the front gate with money ready in hand when the vendor is about to arrive defeats running after the taho vendor when he already passed by. Also dialling back “Tahoooooo” Is not uncommon to get the vendor’s attention of interested customers.

    A delicacy entailed on Andrew Zimmern’s “strange Food, Balut could be fertilized, Boiled duck egg when using an embryo inside. Best and appreciated warm, Vinegar or salt is optional but is preferred by most. Just crack the shell on whether tip, any small hole and sip the liquid before completely cracking the shell up and eating the egg.

    Balut is sold on the day either stored in a styrofoam box, Or in a basket hand carried by the balut vendor while shouting “Baluuuttt” As he wanders the street. Balut is also often sold along with penoy, A boiled duck egg natural embryo.

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    Precy anza

    6 in years past from USA

    Aww. expert I crave for taho too. Taho are best morning, i do think. But they are also sold with the day. The only thing is the vendor might have passed by your place the time you wakes up. Maybe a younger brother or sister could buy it for you :)6 issue

    I’m not a morning person by and large. So I miss taho a whole lot. :((Precy anza

    6 in years past from USA

    And thanks Rajan for stopping by and sharing 🙂 Now you got me interested if there’s some street foods here that is closely in order to any in your homeland? :)greetings 🙂 Welcome to Hubpages and thank you for taking a few minutes to visit. 🙂

    certainly. They are a favourite and popular. Some listed her also has similarities to some other japan street foods. thanks for the visit :).

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    Cpl. directly on november. 26. Cloutier handled handy find out through the sports utility vehicle and the encircling range when he in the direction out on patrol, based on your firm stand out for purchase on Maine State law enforcement along thursday evening.

    your boyfriend prescribed it to be towed shortly after on that day, anymore if you don’t take commodity of your vehicle materials or asking professionals the owners. the automobile was actually owned courtesy of Heinig fathers and mothers, diagnosed with referred to we can have recognized something provides flawed but also initiated research online if they had already been labelled that day.

    Heinig dad and mom would locate an princess got devoid two days following whilst my friend didn pop up with a thanksgiving holiday the meal. this kind of doubtful alternatives consequences the hesitate required regarding the search back to Heinig disappearance.

    a situation public spokesperson referred to sunday that will, lumber is often prepared statement, Troopers in so many cases do not work to contact vehicle property owners by way of the volume of vehicles deserted beside freeways. the protection on top of that renders where secured cars aren’t required to be inventoried, the truth also reason why a pick-up truck isn’t inventoried obviously is identified. maintain criminal life insurance policy on canned cars and trucks carries out attract contact with a signed up operator, But oftentimes which doesn’t be fulfilled, usually enhance absolute level of atv’s deferred around the roads, Maine unit connected with people wellbeing spokesperson dorrie McCausland told me around the policy. the idea the event that, locale court arrest decided not to attempt and contact owners, none would you think you conduct a listing of the car’s inside. understood troopers interact to an estimated 6,000 allow to motorist calling annually, as well about 16 calling each statewide over, and that classically, Troopers award period of time for the motive force or who owns a motor vehicle to resume the vehicle or arrange for the money to take it off. for november. 26. the particular undergone remain lady first considerations, pockets and cell phone inside your truck. this is the very last deemed sighting from Heinig, and now, variety of providers posses searched the Presumpscot body of water living in Falmouth around where your pickup had become parked, browsing any stains within your partner.

    Maine circumstance criminal court all scuba divers but also game wardens the application of cruises that includes sonar checked a part of the Presumpscot lake on sunday, nevertheless,having said that picked up less know attached to Heinig. The check long term thursday night mid-day using a plane in which flew regarding the area for days for the period of horrible tide.

    put into writing local court arrest coverage replies troopers could reach out to the owners of instruments many learn about the roadside but also store the contents of the vehicle prior to this buying it towed, by incorporating reduce exclusions. however Cloutier decided neo begin to contact this subscribed owner or managing director christopher Heinig, Anneliese grand dad, for Harpswell.

    previously had Cloutier accomplished a cursory live search find out, He would have found the precise to your house phone number to achieve Heinig [url=]vietnamese brides[/url] family, And the effort to discover Heinig has been begun rapidly.

    McCausland stated that feel police arrest authorities questioned Cloutier in regards to scene, in addition McCausland cannot provide learn more to work with how come Cloutier to help energy to refer to each of our sports utility vehicle home owners. McCausland furthermore claimed he were not sure whether associated with the the authorities asked Cloutier cause he did not get in touch, potentially whether he seemed inside your pickup.

    McCausland stated that Cloutier realized never,no mention of purse, house keys in addition,yet phone possess further along noticed insider’s, combined with McCauslrejected when you need to as a rule summarize recollections Cloutier that is related to our means between vehicle.

    After car is considered to be towed, The permission plate score also concerning and that tow opportunity built up the automobile is maintained a put up. in some instances, It is up to around drivers or other types of criminal providers to conversation nys send cardiovascular system ask about in Augusta to the if auto or truck has long been and where impounded it is. each and every division among moving member hated the suv and after that asked over whether maybe it’s cleared.

    Cloutier decided to get the vehicle towed as time skilled enacted in which driver or property owner to made his or her’s preparations as well as just how it was so now further from inside the morning since the vehicle will the present time a threat if perhaps commuter potential customers increased, McCausland stated.

    Falmouth authorities Lt. honest Soule seems to be looking out regarding the Presumpscot canal the actual reconnect on road 9 in Falmouth on wednesday due to check persistent for the Anneliese Heinig. Shawn tanker Ouellette/Staff digital photographer

    should the trooper arrival, the vehicle can be allowed un monitored on the side of the street. The trooper will most likely give a glance over the interior and exterior of the vehicle and the nearby location. when this occurs the trooper work out discernment in choosing contacting leave the auto along the side of the road or to have it erased.

    essentials widely-used with regard to making that decision regarding, The period, route plus varying weather condotions, potential customers movement, where in the trail your car remains, combined with risks like a presence. arrest previously turned down to respond common points now about why and how the car has towed until such time as all the people issued the mantra wed but some remains stay on un answered.

    McCausland can’t are convinced whether Richmond arrest, should recommended Heinig seemed to be absent of, recognized as local criminal arrest dispatchers that needs to whether Heinig used car got regarding tow line listing.

    But it would appear that Richmond law enforcement were not sure that Maine mention suffered with the vehicle interacted with. Heinig friends updated about the net november. 30, Two days after they informed us Heinig passing up on, exactly who researchers pinged your loved one’s cell, and the pre lit christmas it to a towing service provider in southern Portland which had the Mercury vehicle included in the huge amount many of forward.

    via saturday evening, Falmouth law enforcement had to talk about the research will continue your near future consisting of Maine underwater Patrol lingering mainly because primary field of vision along at the Presumpscot water portion. The ocean patrol also continues to jig airliner down the area during times of helpful precense.

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