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Looking Good, Matthew McConaughey

Woah, Matthew McConaughey. Looking good. Losing some weight? You’re looking thinner. Portion control? Doing a little more cardio? Either way, you’re looking fit as a fiddle. A terrifyingly skinny fiddle. Apparently, he’s lost about 30 pounds for his new role as an HIV-infected drug addict in his new movie, The Dallas Buyer’s Club. A few months back, he told Larry King that that he was viewing it as a cleanse, which seems appropriate, in that it’s fully cleansed him of every recognizable feature. It’s taken him a few months to accomplish this, which makes one wonder why casting agents didn’t just go with a skinny guy to begin with and get going with filming the movie. But at least Matthew McConaughey got to see what life is like outside of the gym for a few weeks …

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