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Mark Hamill Once Met A Terminally Ill Kid As Luke Skywalker And Oh Great, We’re Already Crying

Have you cried enough today? Yes, you say? Well find some more ammo in your tear ducts, friend, because this story is gonna move you more than Han going down into the pit of carbonite.

A Twitter thread blew up yesterday when user Ed Solomon posted a story about Mark Hamill, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker, appearing in character to grant the wish of a friend’s terminally ill child.

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The kid asked to meet Luke Skywalker (notably not Mark Hamill), but after receiving the request through his agent, Hamill apparently gave the young boy’s family his home address and hosted them for hours, fielding question after question from the kid, and answering them all as the famous Jedi.

That’s dedicated, charitable and wholly compassionate. Maybe there really is something to all that “power of the Force” nonsense.

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