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Members of Underoath Have Some Scathing Words About Modern Christianity

Two members of the band Underoath, Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain, have released a new video in which they outline their issues with modern Christianity. For years, Underoath was one of the world’s most popular “Christian” bands, and recently, they reunited for a new album. (Gillespie has also been a member of the bands The Almost and Paramore.)

The video opens with Chamberlain saying that if he were still a Christian, he’d be dead. He said that after struggling with drug addiction, fellow Christians began to gossip about him, judge him and reject him—instead of helping him—which led him to spiral further into addiction.

The duo also said that they feel that much of the modern church is interested in “selling” an idea of perfection that is ultimately unobtainable. This, they say, contributes to the isolation people feel when they have struggles within the Christian community. (Just a heads up, the video contains some strong profanity as around the 2:25 mark).

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Gillespie added that he thinks Christianity has lost much of its radical, rebellious edge that Jesus encouraged, in favor of a more conservative, safe outlook.

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