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Aardman’s Stop-Motion Short Is Just Gut-Wrenching

Aardman Animation has carved out a small but immensely influential reputation for its stop-motion videos. With the Wallace & Gromit franchise and other movies like Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep, Aardman’s distinctive style and knack for a good story are well known.

And now Aardman’s applying that skill to a short tale in partnership with Greenpeace about a family of friendly sea turtles on their way home. Directed by Gavin Strange, the tale packs a remarkable emotional wallop in its two minute-runtime, giving a gut-wrenching urgency to the call to action.

This March, the United Nations will propose a Global Ocean Treaty, and “Turtle Journey” encourages viewers to sign a petition to U.S. State Department Director of Ocean and Polar Affairs Evan Bloom, urging him to agree to its terms.

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