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The Muppets Are Finally Getting Their Own Halloween Special With ‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’

Stay alert, folks. It’s only May right now but, of course, summer will come and go before we know it and you know what that means: Spooky Season. Halloween 2021 promises to deliver on all the fun we missed out on during our pandemic Halloween and this one will have an extra special treat. A Muppet Halloween Special! [Waving arms around like Kermit] YAAAAAAY!

And not just any Halloween special. This is a special spooktacular crossover with Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, following Gonzo’s all-nighter in one of the most famous attractions at the world’s most famous theme park. This can only lead to all manner of zany Muppet antics and, if history is any teacher, plenty of celeb cameos and maybe even an original tune or two.

It will all be added to Disney+’s rapidly expanding collection of Muppets content, which includes the original Muppet Show and various classic Muppet movies. Now we just have to continue phone banking for the Muppet Lord of the Rings adaptation we need and deserve.

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