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Trailer: Kid Cudi Opens Up in a New Documentary About His Life, ‘A Man Named Scott’

Scott Mescudi, better known to the world as Kid Cudi, may have started out as Kanye’s protege, but he’s gone on to become one of the more influential hip-hop artists of his generation. This Cleveland native’s unique production instincts may have sounded like a gamble in 2008 but, today, his influence can be heard everywhere across pop music. He brought his melancholy into music with him, exploring his mental health through lyrics and soundtracking it with psychedelic instrumentation that felt a soundscape for a mind ill at ease.

And now, Amazon Prime is giving us a peek behind the curtain to see just what makes Cudi tick. A Man Named Scott premiers in November, and promises to show us just why this man has become so important to so many people, and just what he’s still looking for creatively. The documentary looks like it brings the same visual inventiveness that Kid Cudi employs so well in his music. Should be interesting.

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