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Need a Pick Me Up? Here’s the World’s Cutest Sheep.

Need a pick me up to get through the rest of your day? That’s what we’re here for.

In Matthew 18, Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep. You know the drill here. The shepherd has 99 sheep, and one wanders off. Instead of leaving the one for dead, the shepherd leaves the 99 others and goes after it. He searches near and far, and eventually, he finds it. Then he rejoices for the lost sheep’s return home.

Well. If that one sheep looked anything like this, we’d go after it too.

These recently surfaced on the internet, and we can’t stop looking at them. They’re called Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep, and are now being deemed “the cutest sheep in the world.”

Christine Reed, a farmer on the coast of New Zealand, says it’s as if “you were to imagine a poodle that is, in fact, a sheep.”

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“What we were really astounded by was their personalities,” Reed continued. “They’re just like dogs. They’re actually not like sheep at all. They are very inquisitive, very friendly.”

Photo credit: Valais Blacknose New Zealand Facebook

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