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Nerd Alert: Rian Johnson Will Write and Direct Star Wars VIII and IX

Big news from Camp Disney today, where it was announced that Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed Looper and Brick (and had a hand in some of the better episodes of Breaking Bad) will write and direct the two follow-ups to JJ Abrams’ Star Wars revival. While neither Disney nor Johnson have commented on this yet, the news comes from the generally reliable Deadline, so it’s a safe bet. It’s a brave move on Disney’s part, giving the Star Wars reigns to a director with very little experience in blockbusters, but it makes sense. Looper is one of the better, more innovative sci-fi flicks of the decade, and the Johnson-helmed “Ozymandias” was Breaking Bad‘s finest hour. We’ll see how his sparse, economical directing style lends itself to a multi-million dollar space opera but, as we all know, there is no try …

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