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A New, Crowd-Funded ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie?

According to Entertainment Weekly, a new crowd-funded Friday Night Lights movie may be in the works. The series (which was inspired by a movie, that was inspired by a book, that was inspired by a true story), became a cult favorite during its five season run. Producer Brian Grazer told Deadline, “We made a terrific feature with Pete Berg, turned it into a terrific TV series and will now make a movie from that series. I’m not sure such a thing has been done before.”

As the article points out, in its final season, FNL averaged more than 3 million viewers per episode. Those are substantially better ratings than what Veronica Mars had during its final year in primetime, and it recently secured funding for a feature film via a Kickstarter campaign. If movie fans are willing to give Zach Braff more than $2 million to make a Garden State follow-up, than Friday Night Lights should have no problem getting funded …

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