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Outrage: Starbucks’ New Holiday Cups Do Not Explicitly Say ‘Jesus Christ Is the Reason for Christmas, HIS Birthday’

Buckle up everyone, Starbucks just released their new “holiday” cups.

You would have thought that this three-year-old scorching take from backward-hatted evangelist Joshua Feuerstein would have sunk in by now.

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Even though the company’s chief operating officer told CNN (!) “we listened to our customers” and they “loved the tradition of Christmas,” the red and green seasonal cups do not contain a single Bible verse, mention that “Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas, which is His birthday” or any way of confirming that their product is specifically for people who identify as Christians and like spending $4 on a cup of coffee.

Some companies will just never learn. Enjoy the naughty list, Starbucks.

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