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Report: Americans Will Spend Almost Half a Billion Dollars on Pet Costumes This Halloween

Americans really, really get into Halloween. The National Retail Federation estimates that this year, they’ll spend a whopping $9 billion on the holiday, with $3.2 billion of that being spent on costumes.

Though $9 billion is slightly less than they spent last year, one segment of Halloween sales has been on the rise in recent years. This year, shoppers are expected to shell out $480 billion on costumes for their pets—that’s more than double the number spent in 2010.

What’s the cause of the spike in sales of pet costumes? According to the NRF, it’s millennials dressing their pets up to post images on social media. A spokesperson for the group told MarketWatch, “Social media is allowing millennial consumers to have fun with Halloween.” In other words, they’re doing it all for the Gram.

Sweet dreams everyone:


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