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Seriously: A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie Is Now In Development

Yep. A movie all about the origins of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is coming to theaters thanks to Fox Searchlight, the prestige-flick distributors that have brought us things like Spotlight and The Shape of Water. (h/t Variety)

At a glance, this looks like fodder in the vein of The Emoji Movie or the forthcoming Tetris movies (yes, there will be more than one of those), but it might be a little more substantial than those. Flamin’ Hot, the movie, will tell the story of Richard Montanez, the snack’s founder. Montanez grew up picking grapes in Southern California before becoming a janitor at Frito-Lay. It was there he came up with the popular snack.

So basically, it’s Good Will Hunting, but about Cheetos. We’ll watch it.

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