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Sony Wants a Men In Black/21 Jump Street Crossover

When the complete history of Internet hacks is written, the hack into Sony will get its own chapter. Whoever actually hacked Sony remains a mystery (the North Korean government can’t be completely ruled out) but they dumped pages and pages of personal info, salaries, slideshows, emails and general drama onto the Internet for anyone who cares to see how that Hollywood sausage gets made.

There are is all sorts of interesting Hollywood ideas buried in the emails (Marvel is really, really pushing to get Spider-Man in the next Captain America movie, for example) but one of the odder facts is that Sony is evidently looking to combine the next installment of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s fabulously successful 21 Jump Street franchise with the next installment of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ sort of successful Men in Black franchise. The idea is a little more Jump Street than MIB, with Smith and Jones appearing only in cameo rolls (if that), but it would probably serve to reboot Men in Black as a viable brand. It’s a weird idea, but it has at least one thing going for it: Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the team behind this year’s excellent LEGO Movie, are on the table to direct …

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