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Study: Most Americans Believe God Can Heal Supernaturally

A recent Barna study has found that most adult Americans—66 percent—believe that people can receive supernatural healing from God. Of that 66 percent, 33 percent strongly agree and 33 percent somewhat agree that it’s possible to be healed by God. The remaining 34 percent features 19 percent who strongly disagree and 15 percent who somewhat disagree.

Along demographic lines, the splits are a bit more nuanced. Millennials have the highest share of people who strongly disagree with the idea of supernatural healing, while elders are on the opposite side of the spectrum, with only 13 percent strongly disagreeing with the possibility.

When it comes to education levels, 37 percent of people who have a high school education or less strongly agree, versus only 27 percent of people who have a college degree.

Ethnicities show the starkest difference in responses. Only 26 and 29 percent respectively of Hispanic and white people strongly agreed that supernatural healing is possible, compared to 55 percent of black people.

Only 19 percent of Catholics strongly agree with the concept where 55 percent of Protestants strongly agree.

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Eighty-seven percent of Evangelical Christians, 61 percent of practicing Christians, 21 percent of people of another faith and 7 percent who claim no faith strongly agree that supernatural healing is possible.

Interestingly, the percentage of people who prayed for someone to be healed by God is higher than those who believe it’s possible, 68 percent compared to 66. And the trend remains the same along most demographic lines.

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