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Talk to Your Loved Ones About the Dangers of “Text Neck”

Dr. Dean Fishman is on a mission to wake America up to the dangers of “text neck,” a spine and neck injury brought on by too much texting, gaming and email. Basically, since we’re spending so much time with our giant heads craned forward on our necks, we’re slowly pulling our spine out of alignment. Great. One more thing to worry about in a world full of them. If it’s not carpal tunnel or restless leg, it’ll be text neck. What does text neck do? Nobody’s sure yet (which might make you wonder why we’re even worried about it? Maybe?) but doctors suggest it could cause herniations and pinched nerves and, perhaps, in extreme (hypothetical) cases, it could reverse the natural curve of your neck. Some specialists even speculate that it could damage the brain, causing you to spell words in an abbreviated, typo-shot, almost nonsensical language. Terrifying times indeed …

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