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Taylor Swift Trademarks ‘This Sick Beat,’ as Is Her Right as an American

Taylor Swift and sick beats. They go together like Calvin and Hobbes, as everyone knows. She says “this sick beat” in “Shake It Off,” for crying out loud. But even though we knew it was true in our hearts, it was always difficult to rest in the knowledge that T-Swift and sick beats would always be together. What if someone else made a sick beat? What then? Well, we need fear that no more, thanks to the U.S. legal system and Swift’s sick beat savvy. As of today, Taylor Swift owns the phrase “this sick beat,” under penalty of law, as is Swift’s right as a musician, a woman and a citizen of this great nation. So you might as well scrap any plans you have to release an album called “This Sick Beat” or start a new boxing gym called “These Sick Beats” because that phrase belongs to Swift, as it always has, in her heart. Now it’s just official …

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