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TBT: When Gary Busey and Howie Mandel Starred in the Christian Thriller ‘Apocalypse III: Tribulation’

Possibly because of the massive popularity of the Left Behind franchise, the Apocalypse series of the early 2000s has largely been forgotten.

Even though years later, a reboot of the Left Behind series would go on to star the likes of Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray and Jordin Sparks, 2000’s Apocalypse III: Tribulation still boasts one of the most random casts of all Christian end times’ thrillers.

Fronted by Gary Busey, Howie Mandel and Margot Kidder (aka, Lois Lane in the ‘80s Superman movies), it is truly a strange, and extremely ambitious film, as you can see from the trailer below—which, warning, shows Gary Busey getting hit by an 18-wheeler.

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If you’re having a slow afternoon, then we have good news: The entire film is now on YouTube.

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