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Check Out the Video Game Trailer for ‘Sable’, Complete With a Japanese Breakfast Soundtrack

Want to get your new video game on the radar of otherwise video game-averse buyers? Get Michelle Zauner to write your soundtrack. Zauner is the woman behind Japanese Breakfast, one of our favorite bands right now, and she was tasked with creating the soundtrack for a new Xbox game called Sable. Now, we’ve got a trailer that showcases the game’s lush, slightly post-apocalyptic vibes, all with Japanese Breakfast’s gentle melodies in the background. Looks like a lot of fun, and it’ll be available to Xbox users on September 23 — the same day Japanese Breakfast’s soundtrack will be available in stores and on streaming.

For RELEVANT’s summer issue, Zauner spoke to us about the experience of writing a new album (Jubilee), a memoir (Crying in H Mart) and getting a movie deal for her book. “Everything kind of seems possible,” she said. “And I thought that the most unexpected and exciting thing to write about would be something totally different. Like joy.”

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