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The Definitive Ranking of Workplace Jesus Paintings

Growing up in the church, we’re constantly reminded that Jesus is always with us — in the dentist’s office, in the boardroom meeting, on the highway. Truly everywhere. And if that concept is hard for you to grasp, some artists(?) have taken it upon themselves to show you just where you can find our Lord and Savior.

We’ve taken the liberty of organizing — and ranking — the best workplace Jesus paintings found on the internet.

1. Always Be Closing Jesus  2. ER Jesus

3. Pharmaceutical Jesus

4. Lasik Jesus

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7. Filibuster Jesus

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11. Teaching Assistant Jesus

12. You Really Need to Work on Your Flossing Jesus

13. Jesus Take the Wheel Jesus

14. No, Seriously, Jesus Take the Wheel

15. Jesus, For the Last Time, Take the Wheel

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