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The ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Tease Revealed the Return of an Unexpected Character

Look, we’re as shocked as you are, but yeah, that is Chris “Track Suits Are My Thing Now” Pine returning as Steve Trevor in Patty Jenkins’ surprise sneak look at her sequel to last year’s Wonder Woman, now officially called Wonder Woman: 1984. 

Gal Gadot joined in on the tiny reveal, tweeting out a still of herself as the titular character before a wall of 80s-set TV screens. The screens themselves aren’t showing much, just a bunch of 80s style filters and hairstyles and neon, but it looks slick as a teaser.

We have to wait a decent while for Wonder Woman: 1984. It’s out November 1, 2019. Kristin Wiig will appear in the movie as well, as the villain Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal will make an appearance, too.

But really, we’re focused on Steve right now. How is it possible he’s coming back? What’s he doing in such a muted track suit? Why doesn’t anyone look older? We have a lot of questions.

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