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This Interview with Televangelist Kenneth Copeland About His Private Jet Is the Most Awkward Thing You’ll See Today

Well, this is the most awkward interview you will see on the internet today, and probably most days.

It starts with Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero running up to a luxury SUV that televangelist Kenneth Copeland is getting into. Her first question sets off an avalanche of awkwardness that somehow just gets more cringe-inducing as the interview goes on.

To be fair, the opening question is “We’d just like to ask you about why you don’t want to fly commercial. Why have you said that you won’t fly commercial? You said it’s like getting into a tube with a bunch of demons.” Not exactly a softball.

What transpires for the next 10 minutes (!) is one of the strangest interactions you can imagine.

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Within the same interview he compliments the interviewer’s eyes, attempts to stop the interview to pray for guidance, professes his wife’s love for Inside Edition, e brags about his personal wealth, refers to the reporter herself as “Inside Edition,” “sweetheart” and “baby” and attempts to explain why he called airline passengers “demons.”

This is like the “Scott’s Tots” episode on steroids.

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