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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Ready To Take You For a Ride in the First Trailer for ‘Super Pumped,’ the Uber Story

Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns down the charm and turns up the insufferable tech-bro energy in his performance as Travis Kalanick, the co-founder and former CEO of Uber. Kalanick isn’t with the company he built any more, and the new Showtime series about his rise and fall will explain why. It has to do with a lot of the internal politics and power jockeying we’ve come to expect from Silicon Valley tales, but the fun is in seeing how these familiar stories are interpreted by Gordon-Levitt and the rest of the cast.

And what a cast! We’ve got Kyle Chandler as infamous venture capitalist Bill Gurley, Hank Azaria as Apple chief Tim Cook and Uma Thurman doing her very best Arianna Huffington.

The show is based on Mike Isaac’s 2019 book, and will premiere on February 27 on Showtime.

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