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‘Mad Men’ Set to ‘Final Fantasy’ Music Is Strangely Exhilerating

Remember Mad Men? Man, what a great show. The years since Mad Men went off air in 2015 have only shown how smart and prescient the writers were, deconstructing American masculinity back before the public was really ready for that sort of thing. It was the beginning of Prestige TV and very few shows since have really excelled in the way that one did. Maybe none of them have.

But one thing it did not have? Final Fantasy music. But that is a problem writer Chingy Nea has fixed with a little bit of editing and in so doing, has improved this particular Mad Men scene immeasurably — thus improving the series as a whole. All it took was a little vision and insight.

Perfect. Would watch again. Would watch the whole series again just for this scene, provided there was a Final Fantasy soundtrack.

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