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Sam and Bucky Argue About Gandalf in This Clip From ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

We’re just a couple weeks out from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studio’s second foray into Disney Plus shows. After the format hopping weirdness of WandaVision, this entry looks like a very back to basics approach, throwing Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) into a globe-trotting quest to secure their former mentor Captain America’s legacy and keep his shield from falling into the wrong hands.

We’ll see how all that goes, but one thing you can count on is Marvel’s secret sauce: banter. Wilson and Stan are veterans of the MCU’s comedy rhythms at this point and a new clip lets the two frenemies cut loose in an argument about the “Big Three” (“androids, aliens and wizards,” Sam clarifies) and whether or not there’s such a thing as a wizard and if Doctor Strange counts as one. It’s great!

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