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Watch a Poorly Disguised Arnold Schwarzenegger Go Undercover to Sell Gas Guzzlers

The non-profit group Veloz, which advocates for electric cars, recently talked Arnold Schwarzenegger into starring in a promotional spot about the perks of using electric cars, and we’re just going to be blunt: it’s weird.

The concept is pretty straight-forward. A very poorly disguised Schwarzenegger posed as a car salesman and pranked real customers by making horrifying sales pitches for gas guzzling vehicles. However, not only is the “disguise” just a wig and a clearly fake mustache, but Schwarzenegger makes zero attempt to change his voice or appearance in any meaningful way.

Seriously, how does literally anyone not know they are talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

We’re not sure we feel more compelled to purchase an electric car, but it’d be interesting to hear how this spot actually even came to be.

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