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Watch: Steve Carell Is Going for an Oscar in ‘Welcome to Marwen’

Okay, look, we’ll be the first to admit that Welcome to Marwen has kind of a strange look. It’s like Walter Mitty meets, uh, Team America. But it has Steve Carell in what looks like a solid part with a wide range of emotion, and the story is pretty compelling. Leslie Mann, Gwendoline Christie and Diane Kruger are all here, too.

Welcome to Marwen is about an artist who suffers a vicious beating from a group of Nazis. On his road to recovery, he’s propped up by the women in his life, and seeks refuge in a fantasy world occupied by heroic, Nazi-fighting dolls. The movie flips between Steve Carell’s therapy and PTSD treatment and the escapades of the action figures.

The movie’s coming out November 21, which means it’s right in the prime of awards season. In other words, Carell is going for another Oscar nomination. Cross your fingers this is more Forrest Gump than, well, than Team America. 

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