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The 20 Most Insane Youth Group Games We’ve Ever Heard Of

The 20 Most Insane Youth Group Games We’ve Ever Heard Of

Youth group games are always one-part fun, one-part disaster. After all, what’s the point of crazy competition if it isn’t going to scar you for life?

When we searched the Internet for ridiculous youth group games, we expected things like blending food up for disgusting challenges, chubby bunny, etc. But many of the answers we found left our jaws on the floor. Seriously, how were some of these games legal?!

Here are 20 of our favorites:

20. Chicken Soccer

It’s not a true youth group game if there isn’t a level of danger involved.

19. Bobbing for Mayo

I’d rather be poisoned, TBH.

18. Find the Antichrist(???)

Only youth group kids could find a way to make a math game both religious and terrifying.

17. Survivor

God gives His quietest battles to His loneliest soldiers.

16. Fire Hot Potato


“Can’t believe this wasn’t sanctioned by church,” we said with so much sarcasm.

15. Round Up the Heifers

If you were the youth pastor who came up with this game, please DM us immediately.

14. Chug!

There were so many disgusting and unnecessary steps in this game…

13. The Original Squid Game

Was it… was it a live squid?

12. Got Milk?

There are rarely ever winners when it comes to youth group games.

11. PB&J&Feet


10. Amazon Women

“Ended with blood shed” and “they loved it” should not be in the same description.

9. Diaper Dinner

This can’t be real. We simply refuse to believe it.

8. Sardines

Is Sardines the most controversial youth group game of all time?

7. Horror Relay Races

Was there supposed to be some sort of spiritual lesson here or do youth pastors just like seeing how far kids will go before they revolt?

6. Honey, If You Love Me

There was always that one kid who took this game just a little too far.

5. Turkey Bowling

This should be a requirement at all Thanksgiving dinners.

4. Freeze Scum

This feels like a game the leaders enjoyed just as much as the kids.

3. Booger Ball

This is actually really creative. Gross, but creative.

2. Footloose

This is not biblical. Too much feet content. It’s getting weird.

1. Chubby Bunny

So this is how we find out that someone has, in fact, died from playing Chubby Bunny.

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