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Who Needs Human Friendships When You Have Apple’s New Watch?

As part of its big event, Apple unveiled one of those items everybody mocks today but will probably own by this time next year. Yes, as many industry insiders suspected, Apple has unveiled their spin on a wristwatch. Long the subject of Bond movies and sci-fi “Can-You-Imagine-If-That-Were-Real?” fantasies, the Apple Watch will work in conjunction with your iPhone to allow you to check social media and take pictures on your wrist instead of forcing you to actually reach into your pocket. You’ll also be able to connect with other Apple Watch users by “tapping” them or even drawing a picture from your watch to theirs. Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the watch’s ability to help wearers stay active by getting to know their bodies (it can monitor your heart rate) and personalizing a workout for you. But, as with all devices, its most impressive feature might just be its ability to distract you from the human experience …

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