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Zach Braff Would Like For You to Pay for His Next Movie Please

Following the runaway success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, Hollywood has hit on an incredible scheme. Why pay for movies to get made and then have the public pay to see them, when you could have the public pay to get the movie made and then have them pay again to go see it? All this time, fabulously wealthy studio execs have been creating a product in order to profit off of it, but now we can pay for both the creation and consumption of the product. So, everybody wins. Except for us. And now, Zach Braff is getting in on the action with his Kickstarter campaign to get us to fund his latest script, Wish I Was Here, which he’s calling a thematic sequel to Garden State. The story is that The Man was going to tweak Zach Braff’s original vision too much so he decided to crowd source his dream to protect its integrity. Someone should tell Terrence Malick about Kickstarter—bet he’s tired of studios getting in the way of his vision …

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