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10 Memes That Would Make Great “Holy Ghost Weenie Roast” Costumes

10 Memes That Would Make Great “Holy Ghost Weenie Roast” Costumes

Church harvest parties are right around the corner, which means it’s time to find a costume that a) looks cool b) looks like you put some thought into it and c) doesn’t break the bank.

Whatever you’re looking for, RELEVANT has you covered. While most people are debating between a Barbie costume and a Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce outfit, we’ve found 10 great memeworthy moments that double as great costumes — a little something that will help you show your humor and that you’re up-to-date on pop culture. Trust us, you’ll be a hit at your church’s big All Hallow’s Eve Harvest Party with these choices.

1. Carmy in the Kitchen

FX’s The Bear had a stellar second season this summer, which resulted in some great memes. Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy became the representation we all wanted for doing anything remotely similar to cooking. With a white T-shirt and blue apron, you can easily have everyone telling you, “yes, chef” all night long.

2. Kevin James Shrugging


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One of the best moments of 2023 was when the Internet rediscovered Kevin James’ promotional photos for King of Queens, which has been off-air for *checks notes* 15 years. Regardless, the memes have been top notch, and you’re guaranteed to be the “King of Memes” with this A+ costume.

3. Topher From TikTok


YALL ALREADY KNOW WHO I AM UM-MY NAME IS TOPHER #firstpost #fypシ゚viral #DoritosTriangleTryout #fypage #GenshinImpact32

♬ original sound – 🫵

Earlier this year, the world was introduced to Topher, and TikTok was never the same. The energetic kid took over the app and became a meme for obvious reasons. While this costume might be hard for everyone to decipher, the ones who get it will get a really good kick out of you screaming in their face.

4. DW the Spy

Arthur’s kid sister DW has plenty of meme-worthy moments to choose from. A true gift that keeps on giving, but the image of her lurking on the playground gets us every time. The costume is simple enough to pull together in a matter of minutes, although we’re not entirely sure where you can find a gate to lean against — hey, we can’t do everything for you!

5. Annoyed Guy Stuck on the Phone

Part of the reason this meme has lasted for years is because we all know this emotion. Best of all, this is probably one of the easiest costumes to throw together at the last minute. All you need is a blue striped shirt, some glasses, a phone and an annoyed look on your face.

6. Dissociative Chris Pine

This is the perfect meme for anyone who isn’t looking to be chatty at your church’s fall festival. Chris Pine’s stoic face, matched with headphones, is a great excuse to stay in character and zone out while everyone else is taking part in the church cakewalk.

7. Arthur Fist

DW isn’t the only one from Arthur with iconic meme moments. Arthur himself has been a surprisingly wide source for memes over the years, but hands down, the best one is the fist. It’s hard to imagine what got a young aardvark so riled up, but we’re grateful for the easy way to imitate it in real life. Grab a yellow sweater and some jeans, and maybe a piece of cardboard while you’re at it.

8. Kermit Sipping On Tea

Kermit the frog theologian 22

Simply one of the best and most classic memes to replicate. Who doesn’t love a little green frog and a nice, hot piping cup of tea?

9. The Orcas Fight Back

While humans on land continue to fight about climate change and global warming, it seems like this summer the creatures of the sea had had enough. Mysterious reports of orcas and killer whales attacking yachts and boats began sprouting up in June, and scientists had not clue why. The only thing we do know is that the Internet had the time of their lives making memes. If you can get your hands on an orca costume ASAP, do it now.

10. Barbenheimer

To be honest, this one is going to require some skills. But while the rest of the party is either Barbie or Oppenheimer, this is your chance to get the best of both worlds. Show off your creativity while representing one of the biggest — and most profitable — memes of the year.

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