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11-Year-Old Hero Raises $16K for Tornado Victims by Cutting Grass

When a series of Tornados ripped through a small town in Oklahoma back in May, a little boy in Texas knew he wanted to help the victims. Instead of doing what most kids do over their summer vacation, like hang out with friends, play video games all afternoon or build insanely dangerous looping slip and slides, he spent most of his break mowing lawns. Now that his summer vacation has come to a close, 11-year-old Dyllon Orthman estimates that he’s mowed more than 90 lawns, raking in $16,000—and now he plans to give it all away. The young Texan says that all of the money he’s made will be given to the victims of the tornados in Moore, Oklahoma. Way to go Dyllon. You’re what makes Texas great. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose …

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