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15,000 Crocodiles Escape African Crocodile Farm

South Africa is home to something called a Rakwena Crocodile Farm, which is exactly what it sounds like. Well, it was home to it. Heavy rains and flooding forced the owners to open the gates to the farm—a move that, in retrospect, might have been a little short-sighted. The farm’s 15,000 crocodiles escaped into the river and, while about half of them have been rounded up, the rest are still exploring their new surroundings.

“There used to be only a few crocodiles in the Limpopo River,” said Zane Langman, the son-in-law of Rakwena’s owner and master of stating terrifying truths. “Now there are a lot.” Crews are on the hunt for crocodiles at night when, according to The Telegraph, they’re easier to catch because their eyes glow red. Stay safe out there, South African friends. Stay inside. Sleep with the lights on …

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