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16-Year-Old Arrested For Writing a Facebook Status About Killing a Dinosaur

Feeling misunderstood is a big part of your teenage years. You’re just trying to express yourself, but everyone takes it the wrong way. Take 16-year-old Alex Stone of Summerville, South Carolina, who was instructed by his teacher to write a short story and post it on Facebook. Alex wrote, “I killed my neighbor’s pet dinosaur,” and then added “I bought the gun to take care of the business.” Not the most imaginative short story in the world, but there are some intriguing details. But the detail that stood out to his teacher was the part about the gun. She promptly suspended Alex and then called the police, who arrested him. Of course, the police didn’t find a gun on Stone, but you can’t be too careful when the life of a neighbor’s pet dinosaur is at stake, it seems. After he explained the story was a joke, the police let him go. He’s still facing a week of suspension for becoming “very irate” when school officials questioned him about his “gun.”

Teen years. Very confusing time …

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