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The 17.5 Foot Snake Is Alive and It Is Coming For You

“A 17.5-foot snake could eat anything it wants.” That charming quote comes to us courtesy of Kenneth Krysko, the manager of the Florida Museum of Natural History’s herpetology collection, on account of the new Florida state record holder for longest Burmese Python. The monster was caught in Everglades with 87 eggs in its stomach (Burmese python babies have a high survival rate, in case you were wondering) and taken to the museum to be studied by scientists. “This thing is monstrous, it’s about a foot wide,” Kryko goes on to say. “It means these snakes are surviving a long time in the wild, there’s nothing stopping them.” If Kryko ever feels like getting out of the museum business, he has a future in saying terrifying things …

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